Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Willis Tower in Lego

After our recent trip to Chicago, and a visit to the SkyDeck of the Willis tower, little Charlie decided to re-create the skyscraper in Lego (with some help from Dad).  Here's how it turned out...

It had to be multiple colors due to a shortage of single color bricks.

He brought this creation to school for their form of show and tell.  The format is to bring something hidden in a paint can, and the student has to prepare and write three clues for the classmates to try and guess what it is.  Charlie had to forgo the paint can, and bring the tower in a large bag.  Here is the list of his clues...

1. It is in Chicago
2. It is tall
3. You can stand out in a glass window

Nobody was able to guess, and it was a big hit.  Some wrong guesses were the Eiffel Tower (Charlie told them that was in Paris) and the Statue of Liberty (Charlie told them that was in New York).  He knows his stuff.

Here's a view from the glass ledge...

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