Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shooting Stop-Motion Animation with a Smartphone

A really old smartphone.
The Virgin Mobile Optimus V from 2011
Below is my entry into the E-Learning Challenge #42, which is a superfun way to work on your e-learning chops and participate in the community.  This challenge is to record, edit, and publish video using your smartphone.  I cheated on the editing part.  And the publishing part.  In my defense, there is no editing or publishing software available for my vintage android phone (that I'm aware of).  Also, it's probably a whole lot easier to use AfterEffects, which was how I handled all the post work.  Anyway, here it is...

The whole thing took about 4 hours start to finish.  2 hours to set up (with about 20 minutes of shooting), and another two hours to edit.  I chose to skip how the post work is done for the video, and just run with the actual shooting.  Since post work didn't involve a smartphone - it kinda doesn't apply anyway, right?  That's my excuse. The music is from the YouTube free use library, some good stuff can be found there if you haven't used it.