Thursday, April 3, 2014

Steampunk Nexus 7 Stand

I decided that it would be really cool to make a steampunk stand for my tiny tablet, and this is what came of it...
This bottom tube deflects the sound from the back speaker to the front

It took entirely too long to make, but I love it.
And here is the version that little Charlie made for his iPad...

Tiny Outrigger Canoes!

I've taken to making these tiny outrigger OC6 canoe models in wood.  The wife and the boy are active paddlers, and as I prefer to remain squarely on the beach, I consider this my contribution to the sport.

So this one is made out of some wood scraps that I found in the garage, probably an old growth pine or spruce, and a dark redwood?  That, and a lot of sanding.